The Truth Behind My Meal Plan Silence

Monthly food shops had become a habit I loved, a comfort I got used to. My main #mumhack which I shared with you all. So why stop? Here’s the truth behind my meal plan silence…

I used to be able to fill my fridge to the brim with much loved vegetables, salads, humous, dairy-free milk and whole host of “good-for-you” products. All crammed in tighter than a tin of sardines! If you have watched my You Tube videos you will know I am not exaggerating.

Stopping wasn’t intentional. In other words… I didn’t mean to leave you hanging!!

You see, earlier this year I decided to start tackling my anxiety/ mindset and daily stresses. I vowed to process instead of stress, all that I had previously hid. One of which ( well who am I kidding the main) cause being food and my dis-ordered eating. If you want to find out more read my previous blog post about ditching the diet.

I honestly thought I was healthy, a clean eating worrier, batting away anything that could dis-rail my weight issues.

I had a fridge full of all I could eat/ allow myself to eat. A Narnia full of safe food I could eat till my hearts content/ binge. I know now that it was all a con, I told myself so I could binge without the guilt. You know, to be a successful dieter (FYI, total lies).

If this Intuitive Eating Adventure has taught me anything its that binging happens when your restrict your body from what it needs.

RESTRICT!! I mean, yes if you looked Jessica Anne up in the dictionary, you’d find me next to the word RESTRICT. Its easy to joke about now, but it took a while for this to sink in.

So thats it, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth and not posted a monthly food shop video or blog post on purpose. I am just busy creating a new routine that suits my more-open mindset.

I am still doing food shops, because I mean, a girl & my kids, have got to eat.

But at the moment they are sporadic. Un-planned and based solely on what I crave or fancy. I do the odd larger shop every two weeks, which once I get more confident I might share on my You Tube channel. But I still am in the early stages of experimenting with new foods.

And like I have said, for me I have to live it before I share it, to help me process the emotions first.

Its fun, exciting and for the first time in as long as I can remember food shopping isn’t about buying what I am told.

I am unlocking the door to discovering what foods ‘I LIKE’ and work for us as a family.

I am learning lots that I can’t wait to share with you. Watch this space. ” I’ll be back” (said in my best Terminator voice).

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