Spreading Happiness & Other Tips From 'Happy' By Fearne Cotton

Spreading Happiness & Other Tips From ‘Happy’ By Fearne Cotton

Spreading Happiness & Other Tips From 'Happy' By Fearne Cotton

*Not an AD, I purchased this book myself as I had heard such fantastic things about it. 

This year one of my aims is to feed my brain with positivity and work on mindset.

With this in mind I have started the year off with embracing my ‘need to read’. Starting with Fearne Cotton’s ‘Happy: Finding joy in everyday and letting go of perfect’.

I found this book utterly inspiring and enriched in positive theory. From the activities dotted throughout, to the motivational quotes. Fearne Cotton has written an account on what is working for her to shift the focus from her anxieties/worries towards living a life full of gratitude, positivity and joy.

The book is written in such a way that makes us relate to her story and find solace in the activities suggested.

There is so many ‘Yes’ moments that I felt connected to in her book, that I felt the need to record some of my favourites to share with you. In case you haven’t got round to reading her book yet, or want to find out if its for you. I am going to give you a taster of what I found to be the best bits.

Fearne cottons book can be subjective towards each persons individual life story. Therefore, this is just my take on a positively enlightening, lifting and thought provoking read. If you think this is something that you want to ‘delve deeper into’ then I would highly recommend giving it a read yourself.

*For the purpose of this post I have broken the book down into sections then bullet pointed my main highlights. Hopefully this makes it easy for you to get a brief overview of what you will get from Fearne cotton’s book ‘Happy’.

Happy Balance

❤️ Listen to our inner alarm clock. So that we know when we need to slow down.

🌸 “Extracting ourselves from our everyday routine and mental hamster wheel gives us space to think outside the box”.

❤️ Find your ‘peaceful person’, someone who grounds you and clams your mind.

🌸 Connect to your Barometer of happiness and focus on mapping your mood.

Happy Now

❤️ “Remember that the vision of you then is no better or worse than the one now”

🌸 Acknowledge, accept and make piece.

❤️ When playing your inner “horror movie”, try recalling positive memories instead.

🌸 Your fears and worries are patterns picked up from the past, they are not in control of you.

❤️ Live in the now. See, feel, smell and be positive.

Happy Face

❤️ “We are a culture of sharers”. Remember its better to see social media as a creator space, where reality is created into fantasy. Stop comparing!

🌸 When your overwhelmed by something you see, take a step back. React with understanding, process it and find out here the hurt is coming from.

❤️ “Dance to your own beat”.

🌸 “Follow what you believe to be true and it will always lead you back to that place of happiness and light”

Happy Choices

❤️ The power of choice.

🌸 I choose not to feel angry, to feel in control.

❤️ Take time to sit with your emotions, listen and then choose.

🌸 Remember your positive list.

❤️ My body gives me life, nothing is missing or needs to change in order for me to be 😃.

Happy Mind

🌸 A happy mind is a breeding ground for opportunity and positivity.

❤️ You can train your brain, using daily practice to get your head in the right place.

🌸 Use/find creative outlets and rituals for your self care.

❤️ Anxiety is when worry and fear is in the driving seat.

🌸 “Act from a place of calm”.

❤️ “Never be afraid to ask for help. Its the gate way to new ways of thinking and new paths as energies shift”.

🌸 Accept, Embrace and work on getting your mind in good shape.

❤️ “Feel the good magic spread”.

Happy Body

🌸 “Our bodies have to work in tandem with our minds”.

❤️ Listen to your body and its inner compass.

🌸 Get moving! It will always benefit our minds.

❤️ Write a letter to your body, accept the sorry and embrace the thank you’s. Read mine here.

🌸 Find what form of movement makes you happy.

Happy Families

❤️ Make the most of your family.

🌸 Acknowledge them.

❤️ Steer away from Mum guilt.

🌸 Always visualise the good 😊

Happy Thanks

❤️ “Learning to live with gratitude is a habit and one worth practicing”

🌸 Use Gratitude through the hard times.

❤️ Don’t forget to thank the bad stuff and try and find a lesson from it.

🌸 Make Gratitude lists, value the small things around us.

Happy Shared

❤️ “What a joy it is to stumble across wonderful beings that understand you and LOVE you”.

🌸 A gang that you feel proud to be a part of.

❤️ “Talk, talk, talk and always listen”

🌸 Smile at strangers and spread the happiness around.

❤️ Learn and listen to your friends.

Happy Heart

🌸 Even when life is busy. “you deal with it all with an undercurrent of LOVE”.

❤️ Write your pure love list, recognise it all and recall it.

🌸 Don’t let LOVE go.

❤️ SELF-CARE is the key to it all ❤️.

Have you read ‘Happy’ or are you going to now you have read this? Comment below and let me know what your favourite part was.

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