Snow Drop Popping And Spring Coat Swapping

Have you spotted them yet? Those little perfect white bells popping up through the cold ground. I love this time of year when winter is being packed away and we’re hopeful of the upcoming spring season. Daffodils appear in windowsills and snowdrops peep up through the crisp, frosty ground. Silently they appear and glisten in the winter sun. Showing a glimpse of colour in the gloomy shrubbery underfoot. As I spot them I smile and show my little ones how perfect they are. Tommy, being 4, dreams of fairies hidden under their heads. Whereas, Emme, only 1, is yet to comprehend the change of season and is more interested in sticks for now.



Its at this time of year that I also begin to notice a shift in style. No longer are we wearing dark, warming colours. The reds of Christmas are packed away and the pastels and bright colour pops are springing up like the snow drops. Silently switched, but noticeably relevant to the season.

Its still cold and bitterly frosty, especially on the school run. Yet the most noticeable fashion swaps are being worn.



Furthermore, I was recently approached by Next to select a few pieces to review and couldn’t resist choosing a new spring coat for my little one. She too feels the cold and needed something more refreshing for the new season.

Dressing my 19 month old has been a challenging process over winter. Too big for snow suits, too small for thick winter coats, that swamp her. We were left either keeping her inside or bundling her up in so many layers she could hardly walk. Yet she still only lasted a few hours before her little hands and feet were too cold bitten to last. Therefore, we welcomed the change of season with open arms in the hope that with a little bit of growing time and slightly warmer weather Emme would be able to start wearing coats.



I am sure your aware by now that Next have a fantastic baby and children’s range. Its been one of our go to places for both my babies as they have grown. From their first baby-grows that we welcomed them to the world in, to now, when I am choosing her first big-girl coat. Next has always been there. So as you will understand I was delighted to collaborate with them.

As well as this, if you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories you will know I spend quite a bit of my time in and out of Next stores, so already had the perfect toddler coat in mind.



We went for this beautiful light grey toddler coat, with a unique unicorn design on one arm. I liked the shape of the coat. Not to thick that its uncomfortable, but not to light that it won’t keep her warm. Additionally, wrapping at the front with a popper fastenings, making it easy to ‘pop’ on when in a rush. Which we always seem to be. I don’t know about you but the school runs with a toddler in the rain are always the worst! Obviously they can’t wear their coat in the car when traveling, but need it on when they get out. Which created quite a faff a minimum of four times a day. This is why I like the poppers, easy access on and off. Also the sleeves are large and easy for her to push her arms in herself. No wiggling needed.



As you can see from our little snow-drop walk around our local village. This little one loves her new coat. The softness of the fabric and thought-out design leaves little room for error. Therefore, with the addition of the unicorn face, it makes the coat fun, toddler friendly and easy to wear over several of her outfits and perfect for the upcoming season.



Thank you Next for our baby girls first big-girl coat. Its just perfect!





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