Screaming Monster After A Treat Day On The Weight Watcher Diet

Screaming Monster After Treat Days On A Weight Watcher Diet

That it I am officially a screaming monster after three treat days on the Weight Watcher diet!


Screaming Monster After A Treat Day On The Weight Watcher Diet

Lunch: Brown Rice and Egg Omelette at Wagamamas Lunch! 19 sp on Weight Watchers


In our UK society there has been evidence to show that there is a direct impact from what we eat to our mind, attitude and emotions. Think about it, after you have eaten a take away. Do you feel good? Fresh? Ready for the day? or like me, are you just ready to go put on your pyjamas and sleep?

Foods fuels our bodies and creates the energy we need to function and in addition to this there is evidence to show that food can also impact how we feel. According to the charity Mind improving our diet can help not only change our mood but also the way we think.

I can completely relate to this! Every time I ‘treat’ myself to a take away, meal out or something naughty which I know I shouldn’t, I change as a person. This might be a radical statement. I can hear you thinking don’t be dramatic. But its true. These past few days I have struggled to find the energy, tolerance and patience with my little ones. My mind feels frazzled and my ability to make decisions has completely gone.

This morning I stood in the kitchen, shouting over putting shoes on, when I froze! It was as though my brain went, good god, what the hell is wrong with you. Thats when I realised. Its the food! This weekend I have completely let go. In celebration of reaching one of my targets, I allowed myself  three day of eating out, drinking coffee and snacking at will.


Screaming Monster After A Treat Day On The Weight Watchers Diet

Dinner: Gluten Free, Cheese Free Pizza From Pizza Express! Just the base alone is 13sp on Weight Watchers!


Tuesday morning has stuck and I have turned into the a monster. Upon realising the effects of this I obviously stopped, drank a large glass of water and have been good.

Yet I can’t shift the mindset. I can feel the food still in my system, in my tummy and directing my thoughts. Do you find this? When you indulge in too much too?

The Mental Health Foundation found that “recent evidence suggests that good nutrition is essential for our mental health and that a number of mental health conditions may be influenced by dietary factors”. Its not solely to blame, but according to them it contributes to the level of stress, anxiety and low episodes you may feel.

“A balanced mood and feelings of wellbeing can be protected by ensuring that our diet provides adequate amounts of complex carbohydrates, essential fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and water”(Mental Health Foundation).

Research and statements such as this supports the theory that my mood swing this morning was definitely part of a food come down and that I managed to create this monster myself. But where do we go from here. I don’t want to cut all treat foods out all the time because they make me feel like a sloth!!


Shouting Monster After A Treat Day On The Weight Watchers Diet

Dinner: Steak , Sweet Potato Chips, Eggs, Mushrooms, Beans! 15sp on Weight Watchers!


Everyone deserves a treat now and again. Am I right??

Thats just it though. From my perspective its how I view that ‘now and again’ as a time scale. As the dieting lingo goes: ‘Now and again’ is often heard in group meeting and online forums, as a response to how often can we treat ourselves. But is it because know one wants to commit and limit how often you can have those foods? I mean if I could I would eat peanut butter all day, every day till the cows come home!!! But I can’t, as suggested by charities such as Mind, its evident too much of some foods and our mind switches, our thoughts change and our mental health could be affected.

Therefore, its simple. For me ‘Now and again’ means once every few weeks or a really tiny bit each day, depending on what it is.

Weight Watchers encourage us to track everything, including the treats, to open our eyes to the amount and affect of each thing we eat. To keep us aware and potentially stop us if we don’t have to points allowance or have over treated ourselves that day.

This past weekend opened my eyes to how much I use the Weight Watchers app still. Even though I reached a huge goal, I still need to watch what I eat, not just to keep my body at a desired weight. But so my mind can also feel free, healthy and able to deal with the every day.


Screaming Monster After A Treat Day On The Weight Watcher Diet

Lunch: Back On Track With A Egg And Houmous Salad! 3sp on Weight Watchers!


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Do you track what you eat? Even the treats? Comment below and let me know if you too can feel the impact of too much food on your  mood.








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