No To Perfect Goals & Yes To Happy Wellness Goals

No To Perfect Goals & Yes To Happy Wellness Goals

No To Perfect Goals & Yes To Happy Wellness Goals

Its time I have turned 30 and this year I want to learn to say no to those perfect goals and yes to more happy wellness goals.

More wellness less welling up!!!

This is my main goal for 2019! To grasp hold of my wellness journey with both hands and give it the time, dedication and focus it has been craving.

Furthermore, in previous years I have had this awful habit of setting these ‘perfect’ goals. You know the ones, where you dream of being the ‘perfect’ dress size, the ‘perfect’ mummy, a practically ‘perfect’ everything! Then when you hit a bump your emotions overwhelm you and you feel like you’ve somehow failed at being ‘perfect’.

Well let me tell you, like I keep telling myself.

Perfect doesn’t exist!

It isn’t positive, mindful or fulfilling. Because like everything else in our busy lives it isn’t consistent. There is no one-size-fits all approach of life, where people peak in intelligence, beauty and grace.

Therefore, letting go of ‘perfect’ and opening myself up to learning at every single opportunity and being mindful of my wellness journey is a much greater goal. And one I am hoping to relish this year.

As you know here on my website and on my You Tube channel I love to share this journey, which includes all the laughter, tears and general chit-chat along the way. I feel this need to connect what I learn and record it for others to find.

Happiness matters and it is within reach for us all.

If this is something that floats your boat and starts your mind racing then keep checking back to my website for future blog posts on this wellness topic. Also be sure to subscribe to my You tube channel for regular Wellness updates, which will feature any books, foods, social media accounts etc which have inspired me to be mindful.

I am learning, just as my children are, just as you are…its the goal! Lets learn and embrace this mindset together!

2019 will be the year I learn ❤️

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