My Mum-Ments.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about creating a space where I could share my thoughts and emotions behind my content without needing to provide a whole vlog or blog post. A mini-snippet into my daily life, my experiences, decisions and feelings. My brand ‘Jessica Anne’ is based on myself, from many different aspects of me. I am primarily a Mummy to my two little ones, Tommy and Emme and Wife to Craig. As you all know I love food and follow a Weight Watchers and sugar free diet. I love fashion, beauty, being creative and taking way too many photos and videos. The freedom of writing and editing is empowering and I love to explore these outlets further.

Therefore, this is where I came up with the idea to create ‘My Mum-Ments’! A daily look into my world, with raw film footage and accompanying mini blog like captions. They give more context to a moment, provide you with more of an insight and show you more of well…’me’. In general, they give you ‘more’! Often when editing I see a clip of my little ones that I want to include, but its lacking context or needing an explanation longer than a sentence. This is where the idea stemmed. Seeing Emme cuddling her baby, or Tommy building with blocks lights my mind and evoked thoughts that I want to share with you all. Giving substance, depth and feeling to a two second clip, that may have been over looked. My Mum-ments provide a humorous, thought provoking take on this parenting lark with a relatable twist to attempting to still be ‘me’ at the same time. After all they are just ‘me’.

My Mum-ments will be uploaded every evening to Facebook and here on my website. Keeping them accessible for you lovely lot to see. They are there for you to see daily at that point in the day when were #done parenting and just need someone to relate to. Feel free to comment on my mum-ments and let me know if you feel the same, I’d love to hear from you.

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My Mum-ment #13-Breastfeeding this one is one of those precious gifts I count my blessings for daily. She is now 19 months and I know it won't be forever, but I treasure these moments of just us.
My Mum-ment #12. Its half term and both my babies are at home! I love the slow paced morning, lazy afternoons and day trips that we fill school holidays with. But mostly I love the time they get
My Mum-ment #11. Did you know that when your pregnant you can't jump!!!!! Ok, it might have been just me, but when I was pregnant and for a long time after I had both my babies I couldn't jump! My
My Mum-ment #10- This little lady loves to drive. When I say drive of course she is only 19 months, its not real driving. Don't worry I haven't let her loose on the roads yet! Gosh, just thinking of
My Mum-ment #9- I know she is only 19 months but I sometimes I feel like I am a human climbing frame! Of course I love being close to my little lady and am enjoying supporting her needs. However, at
My Mum-ment #8. This was yesterday. Shopping again I can hear you think... If you haven't already guessed by now its my therapy and after a run of sleepless night I was desperate for some window
My Mum-ment #7. I sometimes wonder if one day I will completely burst with pride. I find myself holding back on the 'mush' in my writing as I feel like you may not want to hear about how much I love
My Mum-ment #6. Just when I think she can't get any cuter... she does this and my heart bursts. I think from what I can hear this is a concoction of "Old Mc Donald" and some random counting. 😂.
My Mum-ments #5. Do you hate food shopping as much as I do? Remember yesterday when I told you all how much I loved to shop, this doesn't relate to food shopping however! The effort and organisation
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