My Grandparents

Every other week I go up and spend time with my maternal Grandparents, to clean their house. Today I spent three blissful hours, child-free at their house. I told myself this is something I have to do, because like most people I take my grandparents for granted. Thinking they will always be there, however as they are getting older, I know this isn’t so. It gives me a sinking feeling in my tummy. A feeling of anticipating the worse. They are amazing my grandparents. My Grampie is a happy, sociable man, who would do anything for anyone. My fondest memories of him, are being at a camping club meet. Out chatting to everyone and helping people mend their caravans and cars. My Grannie has the kindest heart and loves us three children with every inch of her being. She would get out her best cups and saucers to play tea parties, and make me hot milk with honey when I couldn’t sleep. Iv got so many happy childhood memories of times gone past. Mostly I remember their love for each other and even now they hold hands when they go out. Their love is inspirational and timeless.

As the years have gone on, time ticks away and my life gets busy and I see them less, and before I know it we’re at this moment in time. Where Grampie’s still a happy bubbly man, but hobbles because his hip hurts him. And Grannie’s still a chatty, happy lady, but now suffers with altzheimers. They are both amazing parents, grandparents and great grandparents. My children apsolutley adore them. However age is a cruel thing which creeps up on us all, and altzheimers is something which strips a person of who they are. Grannie is still happy and she chats kindly at me but I know she doesn’t know me. This morning we talked about the birds, the weather, her dog, and at times, how confused she is in her own home. She has good days and bad days. Today was a good day… but I still feel sad… sad that with every day I’m loosing more and more of her… I lost the Grannie I remember a few years ago, but I will not let myself loose out on these moments I have left with them. That’s why I go, to see them, to spend time with them and mostly to love them ( like they loved me).

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