My Favourite Blog Posts and YouTube Vlogs Right Now!


As many of you may know I love to read blog posts when I ever get 5 minuets to myself. Now I have two little ones, I find I manage to read while I am breastfeeding or if I sneak off to have a cheeky read, while they are otherwise distracted, much to my husband’s delight. Especially when I say I am off to put clothes away, but I have been hiding doing my ‘mummy researching’ for over an hour. Opps!


Additionally, my new addiction is YouTube. I absolutely love the freedom of running my own channel, which shares my experiences with you all. As well as watching others creative outlets and magical moments in life. YouTube brings a positive outlet for others to be honest about themselves, challenging our cultural normalities and showing the realities of our society. It is truthful, loving, realistic and open, which is what I love. Its real life.


This online world keeps me grounded and give me a sense of perspective to this thing we call ‘Mummyhood’. When I became a mummy, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information that was thrown at me, making me critique and evaluate who I was as a person and as a mummy. Feeling the pressure to be ‘perfect’ was huge, and I desperately sought refuge in other bloggers and vloggers, who like me were seeking an outlet to keep our fingers busy and our minds from going insane. Having a creative outlet to make memories and record your thoughts and feelings helps to keep me focused.


Therefore, I wanted to share with you all my favourite blog posts and YouTube vlogs at the moment. It’s important for me to pass on these little gems of advice from ‘real’ people about ‘real’ life. As you are aware I am a Mummy, so the majority of my reading and watching is other Mums, but I also enjoy the odd home interior and travel blogs. As well as beauty and fashion.. I am a sucker for a new beauty product. I will keep adding to this list and let you know when Its updated on my social media.


Finally, after my fingers have rambled on for far too long… Here are my top YouTube vlogs and blog posts right now…………


  1. Mummy Daddy and Me: I love Katie’s Blog posts. The photos are spectacular and she writes so beautifully about her travels. This one is about their family trip to California.


  1. Sugar Free Londoner: Katrin’s blog is a wealth of sugar free recipies which look so super yummy. I have just purchased some coconut flour and am excited to try these coconut blondies.


  1. Write Like No one is Watching: I love reading Charlottes blogs, they are honest, beautifully written and relatable. This one is no exception. What an incredible achievement to aim for. She is an inspiration.


  1. Marthas Happily Ever After: I follow Martha on Instagram, and like many others fell in love with her kitchen and photography style. Her blog style is equally as impressive. I love this post about her ebay kitchen!





  1. Meet the Wildes: Amber shows true honesty in this video, about body positivity and the normalities of our bodies post birth. Truly amazing and very brave.


  1. Mrs Meldrum: I have followed her pregnancy story and been gripped to social media during the birth. So watching this vlog was just beautiful and heart-warming.


  1. Emily Norris: I just love Emily’s mum hacks. They are so practical and make life so much easier. I am also addicted to her beauty routine videos.


  1. Katie Ellison/ Mummy, Daddy and Me: Her vlogs are breath-taking and so beautifully edited. This holiday vlog inspires me to edit.



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