My baby girl will be 1 tomorrow!

This time last year I was into the second day of the induction process and I was trying my hardest to find the energy to carry on!!! Giving birth to my beautiful baby girl was amazing, however the labour was three days of uncertainty, pain and exhaustion!!!!! Unlike my sons 8 hour labour, Emme’s was slow and long. She was measuring big and surrounded by lots of water so they wanted to ‘evacuate’ her at 39 weeks. So the induction process was a welcome process to a heavily pregnant, ‘had-enough’ mummy.



A year down the line I have forgotten about the pain. I know it was painful but what I remember was the exhaustion. I was 6 cm dilated sat bouncing on the birthing ball unable to hold my body up… unable to keep my eyes open… unable to cope, the epidural was needed. BLISS.. any woman who has felt that cold sensation will understand. BLISS.



However, I pushed for an hour and a half and we still didn’t have a baby! Panic kicked in and I was rushed to theatre, vomiting every few minuets, with the word ‘cesarian’ being discussed, I felt like I’d never be able to see my baby. I was terrified and her shoulders were stuck. Help was needed. So, with a twist and a huge pull the doctor pulled my baby out! Finally, this mass of black hair and white creamy skin fell onto my deflated tummy.



The smell made me vomit, my eyes filled with tears, and my heart grew with Love. Every birth story is precious and I will treasure mine forever because this traumatic, life changing event gave me Emme and I’d do it all again for her.


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