Love Yourself And Cry: A Healthy Diet Journey

* I share this healthy diet journey story with you because the drive towards being and understanding the term healthy is on-going. For me the knowledge I have learnt has profoundly changed my life and I wish for this knowledge to be able to help support your journey too. I know what it’s like and how alone you can feel on a dieting journey. But your not alone, you can move forward and stories like this can help you be the best version of who you want to be.


Love Yourself And Cry A Healthy Diet Journey



These are todays thoughts:

The older I get the deeper my focus to becoming as healthy as I can possibly be goes. Driven by my children who need me here to care and protect them, I want to do everything in my power be a good role model for them.

Yet I am just a person like you, with no qualification in nutrition. I research and learn as I go and put that it into practice in the hope I can make a positive difference.

The further I delve into this world of health I have come to realise it’s deeper than I could have ever thought. Its not just sticking to a diet, ( although this is definitely a start) but there is so much more we can do, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Let me tell you something I have never told anyone….

Previously, back in my teenage days, my narrow minded mind thought the term healthy was a flat tummy, legs that don’t touch and boobs that didn’t move.

It was a vision in my mind of movie stars, singers and school friends who seemed to have it all because of their physical appearance. I can remember holding up a size 6 skirt in Tammy Girl when I was 17 and feeling the pang if anxiety that my size 18 body wasn’t good enough. The tears, torture and the stress in my mind shamed me into believing it for many years. 

Stupidly I had convinced myself that in order to be happy I had to be this silly version of healthy!!! ( which is obviously not healthy) and that the emotions I felt were unhealthy, which is why I started to bottle them up.


As time ticked away I am now almost thirty!!! I have gone through three pregnancies ( but only two babies lived) and a whirl wind of emotions that my mind can’t comprehend. I still bottle up my emotions, yet when I had my second baby something changed in my mind, like a switch. I wanted to stop torturing myself and make a change for them. Therefore, I had to learn to go back and heal those unhealthy thoughts in my mind. Make piece with myself and learn to love myself inside and out and learn to deal with emotion better. So this is where I am at now.


Love Yourself And Cry A Healthy Diet Journey


I have changed my eating habits. Focusing on eliminating foods which were either unhealthy or I had no control over. Since January 2017 I have lost over three stone on Weight Watchers but what’s more I am learning to embrace and care for not only my body but my mind too.

Therefore, trying to change my initial thoughts, which stem from thinking if I look a certain way, it would solve everything and poof I’d be happy!!! As well as, tying to nurture my emotions as they come, instead of bottling them away.

What I am starting to realise is that in order to be who you want to be its more about changing the mindset and being open to embracing our emotions. Learning to accept and let in all of the feeling. Happiness, sadness, overwhelmed with frustration… EVERYTHING. Because, if we keep them bottled up the mind feels trapped and stressed. That’s when were more likely to let the weakness kicks in, maybe eating foods we know we shouldn’t and hide away from reality. However, through embracing the feeling and letting them flow though you, thinking about and process each each day in turn. We are in fact stronger and more likely to get to who we want to be.

It’s how you see yourself. How you learn to love yourself. Embrace your emotions and move forward with a drive towards your goals. Therefore, suggesting that our health isn’t one static thing but a combination of a routine to create self care and self love in our minds and towards our bodies.


Love Yourself And Cry A Healthy Dieters Journey


So, the next time you cry because you feel overwhelmed, upset or cross with something… be kind, tell yourself it’s ok to not be ok. But mostly remind yourself not to give up trying to love you. Accept the feeling you feel, think about why you feel them and set goals to motivate you. This is what I am working on right now, to learn to let myself feel, cry and heal.

Finally, I want to say, today I cried, from the moment I woke up, about absolutely nothing, but that’s ok. I’ll feel better tomorrow. However, I wanted to share the normality in it. It’s important to cry, let the feelings go. It’s healthy!!!! It’s what we all do. Embrace feeling overwhelmed, it means something is important to you.

Therefore: the next time you cry, drink tea, hug people and embrace it!!! Don’t give up and trust me you’ll feel better tomorrow.

Want to know more about my story? Check out my ‘All About Me’ page and ‘2017-The Year I Found Me‘ post.

Can you relate to the effect this yo-yo dieting process has on how we think? Leave me a comment below and let me know your story. I would love to be able to support you to reach your goals.

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  1. Hey, That’s really true “Love yourself”. Even I was thinking the same way, having thought the term healthy was a flat tummy. Our health is more reflected by our eating habits. Whatever we consume is going to reflect on our physical health. Consuming enough amount of nutrients is all about health. Love the way you are is also a remedy for having a good health. Emotions do play a vital role in achieving a healthy life. Thanks for sharing a Prescription for a Healthy Life!

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