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Take Care Of Yourself & Be A Successful Mummy


Have you read my ‘BE A HAPPY ‘YOU’ page? Are you ready to take care of yourself, while being a busy Mummy? I am here to support you on your journey and share my advice and tips too help you care for that your ‘inner you’. Here are my first five goals to start your journey to being ‘you’ and a successful Mummy too.


Taking care of yourself goals For Mums/Mummies


In order to take care of yourself and be a happier more positive you I have created five starting goals to work through. This is what has helped me in the past 18 month, since having my daughter, to get myself back to feeling like ‘me’ again. This advice is what has worked for me, the qualifications I have to suggest this comes from my experiences and quest for achieving happiness and positivity in my life.

I hope that by sharing these goals with you below and creating my future posts on here and my You Tube channel, it will allow you to take care of yourself and strive for positivity in your life too. To show you how too feel happy with your body, mind and inner self. To support you to recognise, listen and care for ‘you’. After all its ok to put them before you so long as your still thinking of you.


Goals for ‘You’


  • Have A Think– I started by reflecting. This can be done while washing up, while cooking dinner or even my favourite – while driving. Think about ‘you’. Who you are, whats important to you, now and previously before children. Decide what aspects you want to retrieve from your pre-children life that will make you happy. For example for me it was fashion and make up. I wanted to dress like ‘me’ once more, not just as a Mummy. Don’t worry, I am not suggesting you make any decisions right at this moment in time. Just start to think. Write it down if you can, make verbal notes on your phone if easier. The important thing is to get all those fears, worries and thoughts out. To start to think of ‘you’.


  • Your Happy Space- My suggestion is to create a space/ area/ room in your home that makes you smile. That calms your mind and feels like ‘you’. I call this my ‘Happy Space’. To be enjoyed on those rare alone times or with your children. For me its my bedroom and living room. These rooms reflect an adult environment, colour scheme and look. Even the smell is fresh and calming. It doesn’t have to be whole room however. It could be a windowsill or shelf. The important thing is that it is visable. Think about grouping photo’s together, lighting candles or having fresh flowers, buying a new homeware item you love.  Arrange it to reflect you with the objective that when you see this space you smile, feel safe and loved. When you sit or move near the space you instantly feel calm, even if your being climbed on my a toddler! Its a space to show yourself that you are thinking of you!


  • Have a Interest or Hobby – Is there something you used to do. Before children to fill all that amazing amount of free time we once had. Think back and find what you used to do for ‘fun’ with your husband or friends. Think about what made you happy, what made you feel complete and content. What allowed your mind to drift and focus on something or zone out entirely. What did you used to do after work and at the weekend for you. Then once you have given this some thought select one and slowly fit it into your Mummy life. For example, for me I had a few to choose from. I used to sew, knit, draw etc and I loved to shop. However, most of those require lots of alone time, without little hands all over me. So selecting which hobby to try was determined by my lifestyle now. It isn’t practical for me to sit and knit all day while I have an energetic toddler. Therefore shopping it was. Not an ideal child-friendly outing, but over time we have learnt tricks to successfully shop with little ones. This makes me happy, even if its just a few hours. Its about recognising you were able to do something for ‘you’ while being with your loved ones too.


  • Small Goals- Through setting yourself personal goals, you are telling ‘you’ that you care enough to move forward. That you haven’t forgotten what makes ‘you’ happy or how to love yourself. These goals are personal, and dependant on your lifestyle. Now I am not talking big goals, like “I want to run a marathon” or “walk a catwalk runway”. I mean little goals, that won’t take up much of your important time. Set them based on whats achievable, after all, its important to succeed and have a positive outcome. This takes a level of control. For example, at the start I was tempted to set myself a weight loss goal that was far out of my reach, and actually now I think of it, after two kids, not achievable for me, right now. So, for me it was about learning to love my body, while leading a healthy lifestyle. Then any weight loss would be a bonus. Therefore not setting my sights to high but providing enough motivation to consider me.


  • Accept You– My last suggestion, for now, is to accept yourself. This is a deep one, that isn’t going to happen over night I am sorry to say. Through creating more positive goals for your mind to follow, you will slowly start to feel happier in yourself. However, if like me you know your mindset isn’t going to always be high, you therefore have to train yourself to accept your lows. Its human nature to feel exhausted and overwhelmed, being a Mummy is hard and non-stop. It can drain you completely and leave you feeling empty. Yet at the same time fill your heart with so much love that it fills like will burst. A rollercoaster of emotions fill us daily, so its expected that achieving positivity 24/7 isn’t going to happen. You can only strive for it and accept it when it doesn’t happen. Personally for me I have battled with anxiety as discussed earlier. I would get cross, feel guilts and beat myself up for feeling low. Punishing myself for not being a good enough mother that wanted to hide from the world. Yet as I have been on this journey I have found that its about accepting your sadness. Letting it flow through you, breathing through the tears and teaching yourself to smile… You need to accept all of ‘you’, then you will come out stronger.


So, there they are. My First five goals for thinking of ‘you’ . For now I have only roughly discussed each one in turn, giving you a sense of direction for where to go from here. I don’t want you to put too much pressure on yourself,  feel overwhelmed or add to your already busy schedule. All these suggestions can be done over a period of time, while with your children and most importantly always for your inner ‘you’.


How to take care of yourself and be a mummy

[My Happy Space]


Take care of yourself

[ Having a think, in my happy space]

If you would like more advice and support on Taking care of yourself, then comment below, let me know what you do for you?

Also, if you want to watch me talking about my story and why I want to support you to feel happier in yourself. Watch my You Tube vlog below.



Are you ready to be happier with your inner self and move forward with your goals? Are you going to try my suggested goals? Let me know how you found them. I’d love it if you could leave me a message below and tell me all about your story and what goals you are working towards.

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  1. All too often we mums forget what life was like before kids and who we were. Undoubtedly parenthood changes you because the world doesn’t revolve around you anymore but I think we can go too far the other way where everything becomes about our kids. This was a great reminder that we are people not just mums.

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      Thank you. Your right. Its easy to go through each day forgetting to care for ourselves, when we already have so much to do. Thank you for your comment and for reading my post ???? x

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