Let Me Inject Some Spring Inspiration Into Your Home!

I hold my hands up and admit I honestly thought spring was on its way. I was wearing my pastel shades, flourishing the house with daffodils and most importantly starting to plan for the year ahead. Mothers day, Easter and the summer fun seemed within touching distance. However, I forgot one very important thing. This is Great Britain. The weather has its own agenda and right now its snowing! Full on snowing!! Minus 5 cold and no spring suggestions in sight.

Therefore, I have decided the only way to deal with this ‘Not-Christmas snow blizzard’ is to ‘fake spring’ inside while the weather makes its mind up outside!!! That doesn’t mean heading out to the shops to stock up. I fully intend on drinking a hot cup of tea, listening to my favourite podcast and browsing my favourite websites, while I find some on-trend homeware pieces to update and refresh my home ready for the spring season and of course to share with you.



Have you thought about spring yet and how your going to add some fresh ideas into your home? Don’t worry, I know how difficult it is to plan when Mummy life takes up your time. Therefore, thats why I am here to help make it easy and simple for you busy Mummies to flick through this wish list and see my favourite on-trend homeware which would help update your homes for the year ahead.

If your like me then scrolling through or indulging on a few items always makes me smile. It lets me inner self know that however busy I may seem I am still thinking of me… every now and again.


My first selection is this set of three marble succulents from Next, priced at £18.00 for all three. Marble tones seems to be sticking around and the green of the succulents adds a touch of colour. These would be perfect for an office space or bathroom. Alternatively, I feel these would look lovely in my little ones play room, decorating the windowsill.


Everywhere I look at the minute everyone seems to be dressing their homes in tall planters. My favourite You Tubers are doing it so I thought why not add it to this wish list. Before I would be wary of bring plants into my home with little hands pulling at them, but I like the idea of it being raised and very on-trend. This cement style tall planter also from Next, priced at £55.00,  is exactly what I have been on the hunt for. Matching the light greys of the marble succulents I feel this would look lovely in a playroom or living room.

Now usually I head away from candles as soon as Christmas is over, but lets face it, its still cold and there is something about lighting a pretty candle that makes us happy. This beauty from Primark not only smells fresh and floral, ready for spring but the mat colour of the jar and detail of the rose gold creates a luxury feel at a more affordable price. This large kilner jar candle in number 43 the scent lily and honeysuckle is just £5!



I have told myself this year that I am on a mission to buy more faux flowers to decorate the house with. Fresh ones are beautiful but they are never alive for long. Faux flowers are a good investment. One of the best places for faux flowers is Home Sense. Where you can buy your flowers individually, which works out a lot more affordable and you get the exact colour scheme that works for you. I am looking for pink and white peonies to dress my bedroom and living room with, just like this one from Home Sense, which is £2.99, for one flower stem. Alternately, Sainsbury’s have lovely selection of faux arrangements, in bright and pretty shades perfect for spring. Like this peony arrangement, priced at £8.00.






Adding fresh colour to the home is a must when welcoming a new season. Grey is still making a statement in our homeware, featuring every which way I look. Therefore, I am paring this grey ochoco linen cushion, priced at £55.00,from Amara, with a deep blue and champagne blush pink, which I am obsessed with. Matching the marble, grey accents beautifully. The blue and pink cushions are also from Amara.



Its the time of year that I often notice how worn my everyday tableware is. I like to have a good spring clean and get rid of all the chipped and broken items. Replacing with some lovely new everyday options to make those mundane jobs, like cooking dinner, feel just a bit more special. This dinner set from Next will updates your cupboards and make meal times more of a treat. I love the pink and yellow colour pop that blends with my original white set that I already have. Priced at £40 for the whole set or from £5 individually.

Lastly, I have included this beautiful bedding set from Next. Although many of us are not actually getting much sleep in our beds right now, myself included. Our little ones haven’t quite mastered this whole ‘sleep’ thing yet! It is still important to make a space that feels like yours. Where you can escape (even if its with your little ones) and lay down in luxury. Trust me putting fresh bedding on your bed helps your mind feel happy even when your exhausted. This oversized floral bed set, priced from £40-£70, is just gorgeous. The design is simple enough to add a feminine touch to your bedroom, but with that crisp white backdrop which adds the feeling of hotel lux!


There you have it. Seven on-trend homeware pieces that will update your home and more importantly make you smile in your daily life. I hope you have enjoyed scrolling through my ‘spring’ suggestions and that you have been inspired. Sometimes its the little things that make us happier in our crazy busy days, when we spend the majority of our time focused on others, its still important to think of ourselves now and again.

Comment below and tell me which one was your favourite????

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