Healthy Oat Fruit Bites


Snacking is a big business in our household. Not only do I love to snack, but my little ones are endless snackers as well! As you are probably aware by now we love food and are continuously looking for healthier alternatives to our favourite recipes.

Since becoming sugar free the one food I have missed the most is cake. Ow Cake!!! Especially coffee and walnut and fruit slices. The list is endless. But alas, my cake days are over, for now and I am on the hunt for the perfect healthy cake recipe.

As well as being sugar free. I am also dairy free and follow a Weight Watchers diet. Striving to live a healthier lifestyle. For not only myself but for my children as well. Of course, they still have sugar, but I like it to not be their go to snack. Therefore, providing them with other alternatives.



After spending time scrolling through pinterest for hours hunting for healthy Weight Watcher, no-count plan snack recipes. I was un-inspired. So, decided to create my own.

After lots of experimenting with all my favourite ingredients I made these ‘Healthy Oat Fruit Bites’ which are so srummy and satisfying.

There are jam packed with good, natural ingredients that make my mouth water just thinking about them. The main ingredient is oats. This gives the cake substance and makes it filling. Oats are a super food in my mind. Not only do they provide slow releasing energy, which is a must for us Mummies but they also have breastmilk making qualities, which is important for breastfeeding. As well as this, they have an egg, cinnamon, baking powder and a splash of vanilla extract for flavour. Not forgetting lots of frozen fruit. I use the frozen fruit from Aldi, but most supermarkets have good, well priced fruit in the frozen section. Of course you can use fresh fruit, I just find it more convenient as a busy mum to keep my fruit longer this way.

Here are a few tips when making this recipe. First, make your cakes in silicon cake moulds, making it easier to peel the cake out the case and easier to transport when out and about. Another tip is to pop your cakes in the fridge, once they have cooled down. This will help them form and make them crunchy when eaten the next day. Alternatively, if your children like to eat them warm with a spoon, like mine do. Pop them in the microwave for a few seconds in their silicon cake mould to heat slightly, returning them to a mushy consistency. (Please note, if using a microwave give them a good stir before giving them to children as there may be heat spots, which can burn).


Here is it my Healthy Oat Fruit Bite Recipe. I hope you love them as much as I do. Please comment below letting me know you tried out this recipe and don’t forget to share with others.



As well as this, there is a step by step video on my You Tube channel. Click below…



Did you try making these yummy healthy fruit bites? What did you think? Leave me a comment below and let me know.



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