Happy Mum Habit To Make Daily Life Easier

Happy Mum Habit To Make Daily Mum Life Easier

Is time! Lets join together and inject some happiness in to our day to make your Mum life easier! I know you have a mountain of washing and endless toys to pick up. But first stop for a few seconds, escape into your virtual world and lets make a plan to create a happier daily life for you!


“The Most Important Thing Is To Enjoy Your Life- To Be Happy- Thats All That Matters” – Audrey Hepburn


Its easy to forget to plan for your happiness and to be mindful of your emotions as the day plays out. Trust me as a Mum myself I find some days ticks by with endless Mum jobs. You know the ones! The mundane, second nature jobs that you do out of habit and routine. The jobs that FILL each and every day with the repetitive mind numbing predictability. Right now while I am bogged down with washing I would probably go as far as to say a clean tidy house would make me happy. For a second, while no one was in the house! However, its not a sustainable happiness, in fact, thinking this way only increases the likelihood of stress when my home resumes its untidy state. Meaning its inevitable that mess will happen and Mum jobs will need doing, so why do we pin our happiness upon completing them?

Is it because its what were informed we should do? Maybe its our maternal nature that kicks in to provide care and ‘clean’!!!! Like the hormone oxytocin is released after birth, maybe there is another hormone not yet discovered that drives the happiness that comes from a clean and tidy home. Maybe thats why it drives us so crazy and causes so much stress, due to the lack of said hormone some days! Well I am putting it our there, if there is a hormone that drives us to keep things clean then mine is fuelled by tea!! lots and lots of tea!! Finally, a reason why I drink tea… because it fuels my happiness!


Happy Mum Habits To Make Daily Life Easier


Seriously though as much as I want the show home, it is never practical is it. Like I said, to rely on a clean house to make us happy is not sustainable. I have two little ones who’s mission it is to ’empty’, a dog who loves to run in MUD, and a husband who is out the house working most days. Without tea I’d lock myself in a room and never come out! However, with happiness being the goal. Perhaps their is another way to be mindfully creative over our daily happiness.


Happy Mum Habit To Make Daily Life Easier


Firstly, we need to evaluate our typical Mum day. Do we provide time for ourselves, or is the rush for others? ¬†For example, do you prepare meals and load the washing for you? We have already established that this isn’t going to make you happy in the longterm, so why is it the first goal of your day? For me personally that thrill of a empty washing machine just reminds me that it will need re-loading again. Its perhaps because we do the mundane housework to keep life easy and to tick by smoothly isn’t it. However, whole days can go by and we still haven’t been mindful of creating happiness for you.


“Happiness Is A Choice. You Can Choose To Be Happy. There’s Going To Be Stress In Life, But Its Your Choice Whether To Let It Affect You Or Not” – Valerie Bertinelli


Therefore I suggest you create a HAPPY SPACE! A space in your home that is for you. That makes you smile when you see it and feel loved when you are near it. It doesn’t have to be away from your little ones, in fact it can include them. Its about being mindful towards your emotions on a daily basis and creating a space in your home which allows you to escape to. Meaning, that in amongst the hustle and bustle of reality, you have given a small amount of thought into your emotional wellbeing. To allow a space to reflect, think and positivily grow. To be mindful.

A Happy Space can take many forms, from a whole room, a corner area or a shelving arrangement, its a space for you. Its a space to make you smile. Fill it with sensual objects, photos of loved ones, memories, fragrances and soft furnishings. Think of it as a adult version of a mood board. Gone of the days where you get out the pva glue and multi coloured paper to visualise a feeling. Make a physical area, arrangement or room instead. Something you can use, see and embrace. Again, its something for you. So that when you are busy doing those mundane jobs, fuelled by large amounts of tea in my case, you’ll see this area and feel comforted and happier in yourself. You’ll know that when your stressed or exhausted this area will provide solace and space to calm you.

Trust me it works. I have a space in my home which I have declared my happy space. It makes me feel calmer, where the air seems easier to breath and my mind can stop for a few seconds. I can close my eyes and smell the flowers beside me, hear the rustle of my ever present little ones and take a moment for me. This is what gets me through the day. This is what makes me happy and this is what is needed for my positive, healthy wellbeing.


Happy Mum Habit To Make Life Easier


So lets talk space. Here is mine. This is a corner in my living room. As you can see we have a large corner sofa, which my little frogs love to jump on. However, at the end of that sofa, in the corner of the room. Thats my Happy Space. Thats where I am sat right now. Next to my table of photos, flowers in full bloom and within reaching distance to those frogs that have a habit of falling off backwards! There is always a cup of tea next to me, power points for my phone and laptop and day light from the window. This is where I feel the most calm. This is where I feel the most productive and this is where I get emotional. Where I let those emotions flow through me and tears stream when they need to. Its a space where I can be mindful of myself and care for my wellbeing. Its where I have sat for endless hours feeding my newborns, typed away my feeling on my laptop and snuggled up to my family on those rainy days.

Its time to move forward. Embrace your happiness and declare your Happy Space for you!

Do you have a Happy Space in your home? A space where your mind can relax and you feel most safe? We all have a space, where we get the most comfort, where we run too when life is too much. Its about acknowledging this space. Showing how important it is to your daily life and changing your mindset by labelling it a Happy Space (not your meltdown space!).

If you would like more inspiration and support to be a happier more positive you, as well as a successful Mum then find out more on my ‘ Be A Happy You‘ page and read ‘Take Care Of Yourself And Be A Successful Mummy’ post.

Ready to embrace your Happy Space? Lets do it together. I am in the process of creating another Happy Space in my bedroom, right now its filled with so much washing and toys its far from happy. Therefore, I am getting creative and decorating, decluttering and imagining a mindful space. This is the before ( I told you it was messy)…


Happy Mum Habit To Make Mum Life Easier


Once its done I will post a photo. Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook I will be documenting the process on there with the #happyspaceforme. I’d love for you to join in and use the hashtag to show me your Happy Spaces, or tag me in your image. Comment below and tell me about your ideas? Do you have a Happy Space already or are you off to create one now?







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  1. This is a FAB post Jessica – I felt so much more positive just reading it! Be it a happy space or a happy thing, it is indeed so important that we mums allow ourselves those few minutes everyday to think of ourselves/ do something that makes us happy. It’s also finding the joy in the little things (tea works a charm for me too – anytime, anywhere). Thank you for sharing this lovely post with #itsok

    1. Post

      So glad you liked it ????. Your completely right, its about finding the joy in the small things to get you through each day. x

    1. Post

      ???? Go for it!!! Love creating new happy spaces.. always makes me smile! Hope you have fun creating your happy space too ???? x

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