Fashion To Make Busy Mums Confident

Finally it is starting to feel like spring. After a blip in the weather, where it thought it was winter again, we are back on track and falling fast into the spring vibes.Β The brighter mornings, the floral prints and the fresh daffodils on display. Are you as excited as I am to forget the cosy knits and embrace the thrill of a new fashion season? In this post I am going to show you how you can make on trend fashion wearable for us busy Mums. That will make you smile and feel confident.


Fashion For Mums


Don’t be alarmed, I am not about to tell you to dig out your maxi dresses and oversized sunnies yet! As much as I pretend I am Β walking a catwalk runway in some hot sunny country. The reality of these looks make me roll my eyes and grab a pack of baby wipes to wipe away those mucky finger prints before they happen. I am sure you can relate to me, that being a Mummy requires practice, wearable outfits that will last the repetitive wash process. It requires the safety of the familiar and the ease of just being able to ‘pop’ it on.

So how are we suppose to look fashionable while being practicle on the school run. Without taking up too much of that precious time scrolling online and trying on with little ones?

How infact am I suppose to feel like ‘me’ in an outfit while succeeding at Mummy life? Is it achievable?

The answer is a huge Yes!!!


Fashion for busy mums


Its important that you feel like ‘you’ so you can succeed at Mummy life, while dressing how you want to, which will makes you happy. If you haven’t already read my ‘Be A Happy ‘You’ page then head over and find out why its so important to still think of yourself to achieve a positive happy lifestyle.

However, this post is about fashion and how we as Mummies can grab a hold of it and make it our own, while staying a tad comfortable.

Shopping is a minefield. For me its my passion, which is why I am supporting you in this process. I want to pass on tips and advice from what I have learnt for you to benefit from.

Therefore, today’s fashion advice is simple. Choose clothing that will that makes you smileΒ and wear it. Don’t just save it for ‘best’, when were without the children, because lets face it, they come everywhere with us. Wear it everyday. On the school run, to the shops, when your just at home. The more you wear it the more comfortable you will be in it and the more confidence you will show.

What choose something new, let it reflect who ‘you’ are. If you like florals, choose a pieces with a floral print. If you like a specific colour look for a new top in that shade. Let your inner self guide you to a new choice that you wouldn’t normally select. If it make ‘you’ smile then its worth the wear!

Furthermore, if your stuck for style inspiration and prefer to indulge in your pile of ready to wear clothes that we all have. Then I can help suggest some thing new for you. The next top three tips are on trend and in style and simple to look for on the high street right now.


  1. Bright Colour Pops– Look for a colour you love and choose a simple t-shirt/ jumper in that shade.
  2. Invest In New Jeans– With So many ‘Mom’ jeans around, we can now look stylish and practice! Try these from Next or Topshop.
  3. Choose a Happy Print- It doesn’t have to be all over the item and be completely overwhelming. Look for something with a pop of floral, something pretty and fresh for spring. Like this shirt dress from Dorothy Perkins.

Its about finding wearable clothes that fit into your busy day and remind you that your still caring for you.

If you need a bit more inspiration and advice watch my latest video on Youtube below. Easy On-Trend Fashion For Busy Mums.


Fashion for mums



Finally, I want to share with you a new item that I recently choose for me. To make ‘me’ smile when I wear it and feel fashionable on a daily basis.

This lovely Monochrome Stripe Embroidered Sweater from NextΒ makes me feel like me, with the ease of being wearable and practice for my Mummy life at the same time.

The thickness of the fabric is structured making it not to thick that it doesn’t hug, but thin enough to wear in the transition to spring. The noughtical stipe is flattering with the colour pop flowers adding a ‘spring’ twist to such a lovely jumper.


Fashion for busy mums


As you can see from the smile on my face, it makes me feel like me. Thank you Next for such a lovely piece, I am going to be wearing it lots this spring season!!


fashion for busy mums


Have you brought any new ‘spring’ pieces to wear this season? Are they making you smile. Id love to know, comment below and tell me all about your favourite pieces or if you have been inspired to shop for something new!!



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