Eggs A Dieters Best Friend But Are Eggs Healthy

Eggs: A Dieters Best Friend But Are Eggs Healthy?

Its time to discover the truth! Eggs are a dieters best friend but are they healthy?


Eggs A Dieters Best Friend But Are Eggs Healthy


Just having a quick google I am left with a mass of advice, warnings and general confusion over whether eggs are healthy or not!

I am no nutritionalist but generally I was always under the impression that these low calorie little white balls are a dieters best friend!!!


Eggs A Dieters Best Friend But Are They Healthy


Ok, on Weight Watchers they are 0 sp points!!! Meaning in theory we can eat as many in one day as we like and still carry on our healthy journey.  This is my way of thinking, and therefore gives me the impression that eggs are the best thing EVER!!

Weight Watchers have suggested before now that the reason for giving eggs 0 points are due to them being a healthier alternative, which we are unlikely to over eat in large quantities.

I mean of course every egg we eat still has calories, it’s still food and the thought of food being ‘free’ on some diets really rattles those skeptical thoughts. Because of course your still eatting and adding to your body mass!!! But in the case of Weight Watchers, the suggestion is that we would get bored of them before we could over eat them.

This got me thinking, I ate 5 eggs in one go…. and the theory worked… I feel sick of eggs!!

Tad excessive I know but in the name of fictional research!!!


Eggs A Dieters Best Friend But Are Eggs Healthy


But if eggs are free and classed as a healthy snack or meal by Weight Watchers, does that mean they are actually healthy and good for our bodies????



The facts as I understand them:


The NHS recommendations which were update at the beginning of 2018, are that eggs are a good “good choice as part of a healthy diet”. They are full of vitamins and minerals which will benefit our bodies, and they have not published a limit on the amount that can be eaten. Eggs however can be linked to having an impact on our cholesterol, with some studies outside of the NHS showing eggs to be the cause. But the NHS don’t seem to mirror this, their suggestion is “although eggs contain some cholesterol, the amount of saturated fat we eat has more of an effect on the amount of cholesterol in our blood than the cholesterol we get from eating eggs”. Furthermore, stating that if your doctor has told you to keep an eye on your cholesterol then you should monitor your saturated fats first. Proving that the NHS promote us eating eggs!!!

British Egg Information Services

Suggests that if you were eating an obscene amount of eggs each day alone, with nothing else in your diet, then yes, you could say that isn’t healthy. However, “as long as you remember you cannot live on eggs alone, they’re a very healthy food”. Therefore, you do not say you have to restrict the number of eggs eaten. As well as this, they go on to state that eggs are actually just as good for your nutrition, energy and body when it comes to exercise. They compare the nutritional benefits side by side to show there is as much protein in scrambled egg as there is in a protein shake!! Suggesting the power of those little white balls to our diet and fitness, allowing us to have enough energy for optimum performance.

The Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation says that “eggs contain good quality protein and are a source of healthy fats including omega-3 fats”. They acknowledge that there is often concern over the link to our cholesterol. However, they state that eggs alone should not have a direct affect to our cholesterol levels. There are a very small percentage of the population who could have more of a sensitivity towards a dietary cholesterol but this can be discussed with your gp if you are concerned.



Basically what I found was that the research and internet showed a mixed result!!! If I dug hard enough I could prove either side of the argument but that still wouldn’t prove once and for all the exact health debate.

From my understanding the main argument was that eggs could contribute towards a higher cholesterol, meaning increased heart problems. But that was only in a couple of articles. The main trusted websites, through which I Know well have stated the safety in eating eggs, actually suggesting that a egg a day could reduce your risk of a stroke.


Eggs A Dieters Best Friend But Are Eggs Healthy


Therefore, the suggestion is simple. When it comes to our health it’s a personal journey isn’t it! We eat what we like, follow good, well researched advice, such as these diets, and form our own opinion of the term ‘health’. It’s mouldable and should be a testimony to what you need it to be.

Why should it be any different with eggs????? Do you like them ( I nod my head), Do you want to eat them ( I nod my head again)…… looks like we have made the decision then!!!

Eggs all round!!!! Well in a few days for me, after eating those 5 I think I may have a few days off on the egg front!!!


Eggs A Dieters Best Friend But Are Eggs Healthy


Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think. Do you eat lots of eggs in your household? Whats your go to egg-meal? I’d love to hear your opinion on whether you think eggs are healthy.

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