Family Food Shop For The Month

Easy Monthly Meal Plan For November

Here it is Novembers family meal plan and how we do one monthly food shop on a budget.

(As you can see it was Morrisons this month!!)

Family Food Shop For The Month

This month I managed to successfully do another monthly food shop for my family of four.

However, I have realised that planning for longer than three weeks requires lots of top ups, which adds to the cost. So in an effort to keep costs down I am trying to stick to only planning in thee week blocks. As always, I will inevitably have to top up on bread, eggs and occasionally milk. But the rest I manage to make last. 

This month was slightly different as I decided to do an online shop at Morrisons. This was primarily becuase of the small amount which was needed. My husband, Craig, was away for a week and we had lots left in the freezer from the month before. This meant that we didn’t need to buy so much food. I actually found that when Craig was away I didn’t cook full meals for myself, instead I had an omelet or something similar. Which intern kept to cost down. I will remember this in the future for then he goes away and I am planning. 

I have been doing Monthly food shops now for almost a year, although they are definitely easier to do in the winter months, when it comes to food preparation. If you would like to see last months food plan head to Octobers post.

If you would like to find out more about my monthly food shops, including several filmed hauls of exactly what I buy head over to my You Tube channel and find them there in a saved playlist. Alternatively you can find lots more information saved to my highlights on my Instagram page


This is my monthly food plan for November.

Its a three week meal plan with lots of doubles to make sure we get the most out of the food we have brought. If you see a ‘1/2’ symbol that means when I cook it I need to freeze half for later in the month. If you see a ‘F’ symbol this means I need to get the ready frozen meal out of the freezer. 



Family Meal Plan For The Month


Head to my You Tube channel to watch the full video on this months meal plan and see exactly what I brought from Morrisons.

How do you do your food shop? Weekly or Monthly?? Comment below and let me know what you do to make your busy life easier…

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