Easy Monthly Meal Plan For January

Easy Monthly Meal Plan For January

Its January 2019!!! This is my easy monthly meal plan and I am Jessica Anne lol!!

Haaa, it sounds like it should be a segment on the BBC news!! Alas, food shops are not on their agenda. Luckily for you thought, they are on mine.

Easy Monthly Meal Plan For January

Christmas is over, most of the food (bar the odd jar of chutney) is eaten and the cupboards are empty. That can only mean one thing. FOOD SHOP TIME!!

But first lets reflect. I do monthly food shops. Yep your right that means one food shop for the whole month!! Just the one!! I have tried various ways over the last year but the best method for me and my family of four is to do a three week food shop from two different supermarkets. One branded, one cheaper. This works out the most cost effective way of stocking up without breaking the bank. If you would like to see all the past food shops I have a saved playlist on my You Tube channel, where you can go back and find them. If you have any further questions please comment either on this post or on my videos and I will get back to you.

Right, lets get on with it! As I said its 2019 and I am well and truly feeling like the stuffed turkey we enjoyed on Christmas Day lol.

So, in order to start to feel like me again and have a positive daily mindset my first port of call is food. F-O-O-D!! As much as I love the stuff, over eating it is my nemesis and I know it drags me into the bad place like a scene out of a horror film. Therefore, its time. WW I am coming for you!

I am back on WW (previously known as Weight Watchers), tracking my food and thinking/ shouting out loud mindful thoughts to keep me motivated. My plan of action is simple…. A well planned FOOD PLAN will keep me on the straight and narrow.

Therefore, here it is Januarys meal plan, including lots of WW friendly foods. This month I have also included a few from the WW website and a couple from my Nigella cook book. As always the 1/2 symbol means I will cook double and freeze half and the F symbol means I will get it out of the freezer to heat. If you have any questions scroll to the bottom of this post and write them below.

Easy Monthly Meal Plan For January

If you would like to watch the food shop that accompanies this meal plan head over to my You Tube channel now and see exactly what I bought from Aldi and Tesco. Coming to just under £200 for the whole month!!

How do you do your food shop? Weekly or Monthly?? Comment below and let me know what you do to make your busy life easier…

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