Royal Baby Kate Birth

Did Kate’s Royal Baby Birth Make You Celebrate Or Feel Angry?

Did you catch the latest news of the new royal baby birth?????? What did you think when you seen Kate in her Jenny Peckham red dress???? How did it make you feel? Did you celebrate or feel angry and is there something us Mums should learn from Kates experience??


The royal baby number three has been born!!!! Baby Louis Arthur Charles arrived on Monday 23rd April 2018 at 11.o1 am, weighing 8lb 7 oz and at only hours old made his first public appearance! What a spectacular way to start your life cheered on by not only our British nation but the world.



In the UK our monarchy and traditions predict that the ‘goings on’ of said royal family is to be documented, portrayed and played out in a certain way. The traditions of societies past reel round each time there is a new pregnancy announcement, wedding or in this case a birth. We, as a society expect to be kept in the loop and celebrate along side them. Its expected, but we never know quite if its truly ‘right’???

Social media waver in their view of such an occasion. From celebratory tweets to comparative stills of post birth reality. Its littered with our response. Some seem cross at the negative impact, others cheer at their bravery and openness. However, its these traditions that predict when, what, how and where, not only Kate is to be but also this new baby bundle! Prince Cambridge. As pure as they come this baby has no power to control our opinion, discuss his thoughts or voice his mind. Therefore, trusting not only his parents but this world.


Royal Baby Kate Birth


Kate as well honestly needs some serious recognition. I know childbirth is a badge of honour we hope to wear and many think she doesn’t portray the reality. However, how many of us were up dressed, cladded up to the nines and in heels less than 8 hours after giving birth? I’d suggest not many. Alternatively, we all know she is normal, with some serious control pants on, probably wearing two back to back post birth maternity towels and dealing with the wave of hormones that make your eyes cry non-stop…. but we didn’t see it. So, does that make her worthy of criticism. Of our judgement on her at her most venerable point. Should she have walked out in her hospital gown? Or not walked out at all?

What ever she had done would be judged, its the beauty of our monarchy’s role. To show face and provide us, as a society with the grace of royalty. Personally, I think she is beyond brave, bearing a strength more than required to birth her baby because she carried out another timeless tradition in society, sharing her most treasured moment to the world.

Others celebrate Kate as not only as a royal but more importantly a Mother talk about their view here…



Therefore, back to my question of ‘is it right?’. For this behaviour to be expected and at times demanded of another human, even if they are royal. Kate is just another mother, clutching her newborn, dreaming of his future, protecting his innocence, loving him beyond words. Should we as a nation stop this judgemental notion and value her as one of our own. Whether in celebratory cheer or words that sting, she is human, as stated and as a mother we all know judgement hurts the most. I wonder if she reads the tweets on her night feeds? I wonder if she looks for the friendly eyes after a emotional moment? I wonder if she worries like we do? and in light of leaving that hospital was afraid with what the the outside world would do to this baby bundle that carried her heart.

Whether its right or wrong, thats not the debate any more is it. The answer to that is objective to your take on the monarchy. I guess the decision is simple. Do we as a society move with the times and protect Kate, recognising her humanity, bravery and grace. This I feel we do with some extent already with social media showing hope of acceptance towards a positive take on what we witness with the birth of a royal baby. This gives me hope, that if we can celebrate as a society not only the birth, but also the image of a mothers journey throughout the birth process, we can reflect this attitude in our own Mum life. Celebrating other mothers, congratulating strangers, accepting them whether they wear a full face on make up daily on the school run or choose to turn up in their pyjamas.

If Kate taught us anything, its that no matter how she was to leave that hospital she is just another mother. In need of our acceptance. In need of our friendship and most importantly trust.

Finally, I want to congratulate Kate and Wills in the birth of their third baby boy. Enjoy those newborn days, eat lots of cake, take thousands of photos and cuddle him. P.S. Love the name…



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