Deciding To Ditch The Diet And Embrace Intuitive Eating

Deciding To Ditch The Diet And Embrace Intuitive Eating

Deciding To Ditch The Diet And Embrace Intuitive Eating

Right there is no turning back now. I have made a huge decision and decided to ditch the diets and embrace intuitive eating.

Took the plunge! Bit the bullet! Gave the middle finger to ALL diets!!

This decision hasn’t come easy. You know the drill… ” Its not you, its me” would usually be how to go about a break up. But this time its different. ” Its NOT me, It IS you”!! The diet industry. I have reached a point in our relationship where I realised you were lying to me! Tricking me out of money, my sanity and most importantly my health!!

I thought I had a healthy diet, but if my relationship to food isn’t healthy, then I am NOT healthy am I.

I am no nutritionalist or health expert. I merely share what I try, read and live. My story. Previously that was my yo-yo dieting life. The weight loss, the weight gain, the tears of my anxiety and the euphoria of being a size smaller. But underneath all of that it felt pretty raw and strained.

If you read my previous blog posts you will know I am trying to feed my mind with positive knowledge to gain an understanding of how to go forward. I know we are only a few weeks into the year. But already I feel enriched, more mindful, happier and calmer in my everyday.

Lets be real. The main drag and what it always comes back to for me is diet/food anxiety. I was a diet pro, knew the loop holes and had a great big list of food restrictions. The idea of saying good bye to a diet was never an option. The fear of weight gain kept me dieting!!!

Then while listening to a podcast one day I came across Laura Thomas and Intuitive Eating!! My mind was blown!!

Since then I have researched further and spent time getting to understand this concept. Ive listened to podcasts. Changed up who I am following on social media and have started reading Laura Thomas’ book. ‘Just Eat It’.

As I said I an not a nutritionalist but from my understanding. “Intuitive Eating is a process to help you get out of your head when it comes to food and body image and tune into the signals your body is sending.

So many of us feel guilt or anxiety about eating the ‘wrong’ things. We worry and beat ourselves up for that doughnut we had last week.

Intuitive Eating helps break down arbitrary food rules and restrictions and external influences over what you can and can’t eat so you can focus on internal cues. It’s about relearning how to eat from the ground up! is” (

Deciding to ditch the diet and embrace Intuitive Eating

In particular it was the discussions over recent research that got me. The idea of the impact yo-yo dieting has on not only our mental health but our mortality rate, due to the phycological stresses we put it through. Yes our weight might go down, but our body is constantly evolving and in the end will do what ever possible to combat starvation. Its silly to think that we become “fearful of the very thing which keeps us alive” (Thomas, 2019:32). Basically were fighting a loosing battle against are selves. And in my case, with a dire consequence to my mental health. Is it worth it??

Within two weeks of jumping down this rabbit hole I already feel … HOPE. Which I never dared think I deserved before. If you have read the letter I wrote to my body in an earlier post. You will know my relationship to my body/food is complicated. Its scary to let go of the control dieting gives. To allow yourself to potentially gain weight.

I guess the adventure is to learn to listen and trust your body once more.

Something I feel excited to explore. Yes I might gain weight, its probably inevitable I definitely won’t loose weight. However, its coming to terms with that concept. That FAT is OK, that I will dedicate my mind to. To shift my relationship with myself and with food from a negative, restrictive place to an informed, loving, kind, positive safe zone.

Let The Intuitive Eating Adventure Begin!!

I’ll keep you posted on how I am finding it here on my website, on my social media pages and on my You Tube channel. So don’t forget to subscribe/follow me on there.

Its exciting and at the end of the day its good to do something new. After all…

You don’t always need a plan. sometimes you just need to breath, trust, let go, and see what happens.

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