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My name is Jessica Anne , a Wiltshire based, PR friendly blogger and vlogger. I inspire women to easily be happier and healthier in their busy lives by sharing the realities of juggling diet and exercise so that they can feel confident that their journey towards being the best they can. Including, actionable tips and advice for staying motivated when their day is non-stop and friendly support from myself who cares about each individual journey.

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Since starting the business in early 2017 I have successfully grown as a brand on this website, You Tube and social media platforms, with positive audience interaction and good reach.

On my You Tube Channel I have successful engagement with over 100,000 views, which is constantly growing. As well as, continual growth and impressions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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Examples of a selection of some of my packages which can be tailored to fit.

Package 1.

  • Blog post on this website
  • Facebook & Twitter posts
  • x1 Instagram Post
  • x1 Mention & Tag on Insta-stories

Package 2.

  • Featured in x1 of my You Tube Video
  • Facebook & Twitter Posts
  • x1 Instagram Post
  • x1 Mention & Tag on Insta-stories

Ultimate Package.

  • Blog Post on this website
  • Dedicated Sponsored video on my You Tube channel
  • Facebook & Twitter posts
  • x2 Instagram posts
  • Mention & Tag on Insta-stories

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