Be A Happy You

Do you feel like in the process of caring out your busy daily life, you’ve lost ‘you’? Focusing on everything else, forgetting to care about your appearance, happiness or goals. Well its time to stop and be a more happier, healthier you!

Don’t worry this was me too, lost in life, desperate to find a way to live happier, with a more peaceful mind. I wanted to look in the mirror and see ‘me’ not just a Mummy.

Therefore, I decided it was time to move forward. Since, having my baby girl 18 months ago, I have been on a journey of learning to find ‘me’ again and now I want to help you find ‘you’and I am going to share with you how I did it.


My Why?

Before discussing why its important to think about ‘you’, I want to share why I fought to find ‘me’. Life can be hard, continuous and demanding. Yet being a Mummy for me is the most incredible thing I have and will ever achieved.

If you don’t already know I have two little ones. Tommy who is four and Emme who is one. Becoming their Mummy is a blessing that has empowered me to be strong and strive for positivity on a daily basis. I strive for this because of the personal battles I go through.

Dealing with baby-loss, body image and anxiety attempts to invade every moment of every day and like most I have my ups and downs. Mentally its taken strength to recognise, deal and breath through those moments. I don’t use the word heal, because personally I am not and I am not in a possition to tell anyone how to heal from their grief. Everyone has different experiences, which adds to who we are as an individual. I believe it takes time and adjustments to accept who you are and how you want to move forward. For me my aim is to  process each day, reach for my goals and think positively, while still caring for ‘me’.




Why Its Important?

The concept of caring for one self, when so busy is offend forgotten. Isn’t it? However, I have realise, that in order to be happy and move forward I have to acknowledge who I am and care for me and I want to inspire and support you to start feeling like ‘you’.

When you have a baby your body and mind is taken over from the moment you realise you are growing life, even sometimes before. Baby brain is an understatement, it overwhelms every aspect of your life and you engross yourself into your new world.

Then once your little one arrives, you live for a time in a euphoric bubble of love. Not caring or thinking about anything but ‘them’. Which is exactly what we, as mothers are programmed to do. The hormone Oxytocin allows us to be mothers and drives our need to care for our little ones. However, with all our love going to them did you forget to care for ‘you’?

Personally, after having my first baby, I felt like I woke up one morning and I didn’t recognise myself anymore. Different clothes, unloved hair, no make up, I even smelt so different the dog didn’t come near me for months.  I thought all I ever wanted was to be this person, a mother. Yet I had fallen so deep, I’d forgotten to care for me. My mind and emotions were all over the place, my anxiety sky high and body exhausted and broken from neglect. I felt selfish and overwhelmed with guilt for asking for more when I had so much.


Not Just Me

But it isn’t just me is it that feels like this. I know, through talking to others, reading blogs, scrolling through social media, that many other women have felt this too. Maybe out of date, out of fashion and out of love with yourself. In that moment you feel like your lost who you were, through becoming someone new, for them. Their our everything, a blessing we darn’t take for granted, and it sickens us with Mummy guilt to admit. But in order to be happy, feel normal and have inner piece we have to care for ourselves too. Its ok to admit. Its ok to ask for and most importantly its ok to do.



Before going into how. My aim is to clarify that I am not suggesting the unachievable. Also to not suggesting you leave your little ones, not at all, they need us too much and too be honest we need them too. I am also not telling you to carve out any time. Time is precious isn’t it. Every single second is counted for and taken up by organising, chasing and cleaning. Leaving no extra time for any thing else. All I am sharing is what worked for me which I want to give to you. To support you to be a happy healthy ‘you’.



Therefore, I am going to share what I have done in the past 18 month, since having my daughter, to get myself back to feeling like ‘me’ again. This advice is what has worked for me, the qualifications I have to suggest this comes from my experiences and quest for achieving happiness and positivity in my life.

I hope that by sharing this with you  and creating my future content on here and my You Tube channel, it will allow you to strive for positivity in your life too. To show you how too feel happy with your body, mind and inner self. To support you to recognise, listen and care for ‘you’.



What Next?

So, have you read all the above and feel like your ready to get yourself back to a happier, more positive you? Want to know what to do next? Well, I am ready and waiting with lots of videos and blog posts to inspire and support you on this journey. Therefore, keep an eye on my website and Youtube channelfor regular updates. I upload two videos a week to Youtube and blog regally here on my website.


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Lastly, I want to give you a huge virtual ‘hug’ and say well donefor thinking about you and deciding to move forward towards a more positive happy life by reading this. You have taken the first steps towards thinking about your inner self and recognising you want to feel more positive on a daily basis. I will be here taking these steps with you, each day. Striving for positivity and sharing my reality to help you support your journey. Together we can be who we want to be. Don’t forget to follow me on FacebookInstagramTwitterand Pinterestwhere you will get daily reminders and insight into my reality.

For the next step of your happiness journey and to read about my five goals for ‘you’ head over to my recent blog post ‘Lets Start To Be ‘You’ & A Successful Mummy’. Also watch my latest You Tube vlogbelow to see me talking about my story and how I want to support you.



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