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Are You Excited Like Me About The New WW Freestyle Plan


There is a new plan on the block and it’s called WW… not Weight Watchers… no, ‘WW’!!! Not only that but the once named ‘Flex plan’ is now named ‘Freestyle’!!!!!! It’s exciting isn’t it!!! To see so much positive change happening to our much loved diet brand.

Who in fact is becoming more of a wellness brand. 

Are You Excited Like Me About The New WW Freestyle Plan


Personally this sounds brilliant. I’ve been after this for years. A diet that isn’t a diet, not just a lifestyle choice but in fact a mindset and wellness goal!  What a wonderful approach. 

I have been following Weight Watchers since January 2017 and have lost 3 stone reaching my goal weight with the Flex Plan. If you would like to see my journey there is a playlist on my You Tube channel, or find out more here on my website.

So I can already hear you asking how is this plan different???  The other plan worked why should we change??

The answer for that comes directly from WW itself. Give them their due they have taken the time to put man power behind this and researched the scientific impact of their data. They have looked beyond diet and searched for a greater goal.

So that we don’t just achieve weight loss, we achieve the wellness goals we desire! 

Hallelujah !!! I am singing right now with excitement. I am currently away on holiday while writing this and after enjoying my second helping of lunch started thinking about the reality of weight gain when I got home…. However, ping, as my email went and I seen the news, I was delighted and excited to give the added extras on the new plan a try!!!

Perfect timing WW


Are You Excited Like Me About The New WW Freestyle Plan?


So here are some of your questions answered, according to WW and sourced from the WW website itself. I will include all links so you can find any further information you require….


What is WW? 

Its still Weight Watchers but they have changed their name to WW, to “reflects that they’re becoming the world’s partner in wellness” . They still promote weight loss but want to work with us to build healthy habits. 

What is the new Freestyle plan?

The new ‘Freestyle’ plan is focused on providing, not restricting. “It’s all about eating what you fancy, moving more and staying well” . The plan still focuses on Smart Points and has lots of 0 sp foods, but the focus has shifted a tad. More towards eating everything you enjoy in proportion. Their science suggests that we shouldn’t be solely surviving off of 0 sp foods, like the 7 eggs in one day that I have been known to do. Instead they suggest eating all food groups as a balanced diet. Our body needs it! They have wellness coaches and supportive community of like minded others ready to help you along your way. 

How is it different?

From a quick glance the plan itself doesn’t look much different from the flex plan. The food groups and smart points distribution seems the same but its the added extras that are included that make the difference. Like the WW Headspace section, full of helpful meditation to de-stress, improve sleep and keep us focused. Also more, healthier meal options, with the focus on nutrition. There is updates for more connect options, fit point options and a whole heap of new features coming in the future months (according to the email I recently received from them).

Why is mindset important?

It is proven that the way we think impacts what we do. The new WW has researched the science behind weight loss and found that our behaviour can help us change our mindset. In turn help our over all wellness. Its time to be happy, think positively, show compassion, accept body image and over all be motivated to take time for you.

How can the WW app help?

The app has so many different features its the perfect way to keep us on track. I’ve talked on my You tube channel before, about how much I love the app and how easy it is to use. Now they have updated it, its even more helpful in our every day lives. Its easy to track our food and activity straight onto the home screen, as well as many different ways to search and input our food options. From syncing activity devises, barcode scanners and a social media just for us, there is lots on offer.



*All this information I got from the WW website and their social media pages. It is however based on my opinion and I was not paid or sponsored to write this post. I just wanted to share what I had learnt with you lovely lot.


How are you feeling about the new plan? Comment below and let me know…

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