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All About Jessica

Hello. My name is Jessica and I am a Wife, Mummy, Early Years specialist, food lover and camera addict!


I grew up in a rural village in Wiltshire, England. In a picturesque little village, where I spent my childhood exploring the fields, building dens and playing for hours on end. My siblings and I grew up quite sheltered from the outside world, protected in our family bubble, with the yearly holiday to Devon being the most amazing adventure (which it still is, 28 years later). My childhood was idyllic, happy and fun. My parents inspired us, loved us and protected our childhood. Their parenting motivates my daily life, and aspirations for not only my future, but also my children’s future.


[Playing in the garden with my brother and sister]

[Fun times in the garden]

Furthermore, my teenage years were full of the roller coaster of the emotions of school. Influenced by friendship groups, boyfriends and suddenly being in a much larger world! I completed school and progressed onto do a Diploma in Child Care level 3 at college. College was a time in my life where I explored this vast new world. When I reflect on this time now, I remember the fun, laughter and carefree attitude I had.


[Playing on a beach in Devon]

Upon completing my Diploma, I went straight into being a live in Nanny. To this day, I am forever grateful for the experiences and life skills this job gave me. It was more than a job for me. To be part of someone’s life for most of their formative years, is an incredible experience. Being a nanny, taught me how to plan, prioritise and manage a family and their home. While being a nanny, I completed a Textile As and A2 and redid my Science GCSE at College. I will always love the little boy I looked after and he will always be a big part of my life.


[Camping in Devon 2009]


On the 5th April 2009 I met Craig. I know it’s a bit cliché to say, but I could never have known then how much he would mean to me. Controversially, we actually met online, and went on our first date that very night. As it turns out, we grew up only a few miles away from each other! I am writing this now thinking of the love I have for this man, and trying to remember all the way back to the butterflies and excitement of dating. To the days of just ‘us’! The days out, holidays and endless conversation and laughter, we shared. From day one, he treated me like a princess and shared my excitement in creating this life together. He was everything I needed and more.


[On our first trip to London]


Being a mummy was a dream come true for me. Ever since I was a little girl I would practice with my dolls, pushing them, dressing them… I even remember pretending to breast-feed them. Becoming a mummy however was much harder. We first got pregnant when I was aged 21, unfortunately our darling Christopher wasn’t meant for this world and I gave birth to him at 24 weeks. Great Sadness is easier to write about now, but at the time, (as you will understand) was soul destroying. Nonetheless time goes on, and like many, you learn to cope. As Albus Dumbledore said “happiness can be found in the darkest times if one only remembers to turn on the light”, and let the light in.


[One of the three Tiffany charms that each of us have]


Going back to ‘normal’ was the hardest part. When you dream of starting a family and going down a certain path, it’s devastating to be expected to go back to how you lived before. Therefore, the decision was made to go back into education. I reluctantly left my nanny job to work in a nursery, and I started my Early Years Education Degree at university. Working with children is the most rewarding, positive, magical role, in which I wanted to take further and become a primary school teacher.


[Cuddling my ‘baby’ Hugh Hefner (Hughie). He got me through 2010-2015]

[Pickle joined our family in 2012]

In 2013, half way through my degree I got pregnant with Tommy. My second pregnancy was filled with uncertainty and dread… but with lots of bedrest, my beautiful baby boy, Tommy was born…. He brought hope and life back into our hearts and filled our souls with love. My loving, caring, clever little man, and just like that I was a mummy and the life I had dared to dream for became a reality.


[Tommy- a day old]


Having a baby was beyond what I could have imagined! As you mummies will know, it’s an epic adventure. From the minute you hold your first baby, you feel like you’re having to ‘think on your feet’ the majority of the time. It’s a learning curve. Additionally, I was still studying, and completed my Degree in Early Years Education 2015! Being a Mummy as well as an Early Years Professional has made me more empathetic and considerate of the influence we have on these little ones. It profoundly opened my eyes to parenthood and their education.


[Graduation day]

Furthermore, in September 2015 Craig and I got married. This man literally makes all my dreams come true and more! The wedding was perfect. We got married in our local church and had the reception in a converted barn in the Gloucester countryside. The sun shone, the food and drink flowed and everyone celebrated together. As most brides say … I will never forget this day!


[One of the best days of my life]

Our honeymoon was in Mauritius, ten days of marital bliss in beautiful luxury. However, little did we know at the time, but there was actually three people on our honeymoon! Yes that’s right… I was pregnant.


[Beautiful Mauritius]

In 2016 we were blessed with our little Emme and our hearts grew bigger than we could imagine. She is such a caring, cuddly little lady, who we love more than words. I am now a Mummy to two little ones!!!!


[Emme-1 week old]

The children, and my husband mean everything to me, and have contributed to who I am today. Life changes. Love grows and you change as a person through experiences. Being a mummy and wife has taught me to value life and be positive about the future. After all life can change and people forget about those moments in time. This is why I have started my channel. To remember and share those great, great moments and experiences with you all.


[My family]